We Shelter Oklahoma Schools for Ja’Nae Hornsby November 20, 2003 – May 20, 2013

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Shelter Oklahoma Schools, better known as SOS and the Hope Raisers Foundation are saddened by the events that took place on May 20, 2013 when the tornado tragically took the lives of several people throughout central Oklahoma – including seven children from Plaza Towers Elementary.

One of those children was Ja’Nae Hornsby. We are working to to prevent this from ever having this happen again to our Oklahoma School children. Please read the words of Ja’Nae’s parents and help us Raise Some Hope to Shelter Oklahoma Schools:

I was listening to the radio on the afternoon of May 20th when the programming was interrupted advising us of a tornado on the ground. The information that was given indicated that the tornado was headed for Briarwood Elementary School but as it turned out the path of destruction took it through Plaza Towers Elementary School.

I, like all other parents with children in Plaza Towers Elementary School, rushed to the school and experienced the chaos and total devastation of this section of the Moore community. But more specifically the school.

I saw anxious and fearful parents in search of their children as I was. Time passed very slowly from 3pm to 8pm when we were told to check hospitals, churches, friends and family for our children who had not been found. At 8am in the morning on May 21st the medical examiner called me to tell me that my daughter Ja’Nae was one of the seven fatalities at the school.

As a 9 year, Ja’Nae was bossy, she loved pepperoni, she was happy, she laughed a lot, and she liked to sign songs by Justin Beiber, Hannah Montana, and Celina Gomez.

Life since May 20th has been hard. My house is always quite and feels very empty. I visit Ja’Nae on the 20th of each month and as many times during the week as I can emotionally handle it. My life is now alone.

I would like to see Ja’Nae remembered as being a caring, loving and fun person because that’s who she was.

It is my intent to become engaged with “SOS” Shelter Oklahoma Schools. If Ja’Nae was here she would be trying to help with “SOS” and have me at every meeting or event. It’s my desire to see “SOS” be successful in their mission so no other parent or child would endure what we have gone through.

School is supposed to be a safe place. Let’s not let this happen again. Help us Raise Some Hope to ensure that this never has to happen to one of children again. You can help by spreading the word, buying a shirt or donating now.