We Shelter Oklahoma Schools for Christopher Legg January 16, 2004-May 20, 2013


Shelter Oklahoma Schools and Hope Raisers Foundation are heartbroken for the Legg family with their loss of their son, Christopher Legg after the May 20, 2013 tornado took him. We feel for the Legg family after their loss, and want to share why it is so important to shelter our Oklahoma schools so we don’t have to have the Legg family or any family go through this again.

Please read the words of Christopher’s mother, Danni Dunn-Legg, share her words of her son and how his taken life will change their family forever.

I remember telling Ross not to pick up the kids because they were in the safest place they could be, I was in a safe place – he was in a safe place, just watch the weather. You see, all three of my children went to plaza towers and I worked at SouthMoore High School. saving

Christopher is 9 years old and stands at 5’4 and a quarter inches, working on 5’5. He wears a size 10 mens shoe. He plays Football as Center, Baseball as Catcher and Basketball as Post. He is in the third grade. He has battled Osgood Schlauter’s for years. He has big brother and a little sister. He loves Pizza. He loves watching cartoons on Saturday mornings and playing at the park. His favorite TV show is Rescue Heroes. He has a Hero’s heart.

Christopher was in Ms. Daniels class and they had a substitute teacher that day. He was in the third grade hallway by his classroom and he saw that his friend was scared and crying. He was allowed to go be with his friend to comfort her.

We were later told by a police officer that Christopher had not died in vain. His hero’s heart and size had made a way for two others to survive the wall. Christopher was everything he was raised to be but he was also everything God made him to be – Compassionate, loving, giving, strong, trustworthy, selfless, appreciative, living full force, nothing half way, funny, mischievous, and also a servant to others.

He is in every square inch of our home. He is in every step we take daily. He will be missed by everyone that knew him.

School is supposed to be a safe place. Let’s not let this happen again. Help us Raise Some Hope to ensure that this never has to happen to one of children again. You can help by spreading the word, buying a shirt or donating now.