News Spreads about Shelter Oklahoma Schools after Appearance on Today Show

Earlier this morning, Shelter Oklahoma Schools, our cause to raise awareness and donations to provide shelters for Oklahoma schools, aired on the Today Show alongside parents of the seven Oklahoma girls and boys killed by the mile-wide tornado that hit Plaza Towers as an effort to gain more awareness to help build strong tornado-proof shelters for our Oklahoma schools.

Unfortunately, the twister that hit Moore, OK on May 20th, 2013 stole several lives from us – seven of those were the children of Plaza Towers Elementary. Shelter Oklahoma Schools, S.O.S, and the parents are banding together with the Hope Raisers Foundation so these children who lost their lives will not die in vain.

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There have been several discussions throughout the nation and our state about whether shelters are necessary, or not, but we know they are. Oklahoma officials are working with FEMA to help find funds to subsidize the costs. Expenses Aside, we’re working to get the job done.

The cost to equip all schools could run upward of $1 billion, said John Hunt, our founder who started S.O.S., which is administered by the nonprofit Oklahoma City Community Foundation, but Hunt said regardless of cost, every child, teacher and school staffer deserved shelter. We’re in hopes to start construction early next year in 2014.

We know tornadoes here in Oklahoma are a reality. Help us build a stronger foundation for the next generation of Oklahoma school children.

How can you help? You can help by donating to providing storm shelter for our schools by donating here or purchasing one of our S.O.S. Hope Raisers shirts and magnets or help raise awareness of our cause by sharing on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Every little bit helps. Help raise awareness of our cause now.

About Shelter Oklahoma Schools: Shelter Oklahoma Schools is a non-profit organization created by John Hunt, a local attorney in Norman, OK, in the efforts to create awareness and raise donations to build strong storm shelters our for our school children. Recently, we’re partnered with Hope Raisers Foundation in an effort to bring awareness of our cause so together we can build a strong foundation for the next generation of school children.